El corazon del blog sois/somos nosotras, las Mujeres…
La variedad de los roles que asumimos hacen que podamos tener dificultad a la hora de sentirnos libres…por lo menos, esta es mi experiencia!
En esta sección trataremos por supuesto de la mujer y su carrera profesional, de la importancia de algunas de nuestras decisiones muy temprano en nuestras vidas, de como tenemos un papel fundamental a la hora de educar a nuestras hijas primero y a nuestros hijos tambien para que se cambie la imagen de la mujer.
Hay mucho de que hablar, mucho que cambiar y confio que todos podemos contribuir a más libertad de decision en cada una de nosotras!

You, We as Women are the heart of this blog…
The variety of roles we assume can make it difficult for us to feel free…at least, this is my experience!
In this section, we will look of course at us and our careers, the importance of some of our decisions very early in our lives, our key role to raise our daughters and sons in order to change the image of women.
There is a lot to be said, a lot to be changed and I trust we can contribute to more freedom in taking decision for each of us!

7 respuestas a TheFreeWoman

  1. elsa dijo:

    Main question for me, how not to feel guilty when I do something, because I am not doing “that” something else – if I work late I feel guilty as I am not spending that time with my kids, if I go out with my friends I feel guilty of not being with my boyfriend, if I am playing with my kids I feel guilty because there is always some washing or tydying up to do…

    • iauroux dijo:

      Yes my dear. Guilty! and guilty of what? What makes us feel guilty? Who said we should be all the time with our kids? who said we should do the tasks of the house? 🙂

  2. A dijo:

    Personally, I’ve learned to be more selfish these last 2 years. My teacher was my husband indeed. I’ve seen him not to sacrifice anything (travels, friends, job) for our kids, just the contrary of me … for years I decided to put my career on hold, not to go out to be with my kids because I work… a lot of sacrifices to feel less guilty and spend the maximum time with my kids.
    This has changed. Maybe because I see they are growing up, they seem to need me less, and I see they are so selfish themselves! Now, if I want to go out during the week which means that I don’t see them at all in the day, of if I want to have a week-end with friends or to do some sport, I don’t feel guilty anymore! Life is short, think also about you!

    • iauroux dijo:

      Thanks a lot for this comment. It is interesting how we speak of being more selfish when it is really about taking time for oneself…
      What makes us feel guilty as Women? I believe that the fact that we are formatted to feel compassion is one of the main triggers.
      Of course here is the challenge. When do I take time for myself? When do I take time with my kids, or with my partner without the kids?
      In this case it is a very personal choice. What do you do?

  3. Alber dijo:

    Estupenda iniciativa isabelle, te mando muchos animos para continuar.

  4. Mimi dijo:

    I must say, reading your blog about planning freedom really struck a chord with me. I am a planner with a capital P and my online calendar is my best friend. Everything is added to the calendar – practical appointments at the doctors, dentists or vets, meetings with the parents’ association, nights out with hubby or friends… yes I am almost ashamed to say this publically but we even have status meetings and family time planned in our calendar.

    We live in such a fast-paced and engaging environment that unless it appears in your calendar or on your phone, you will probably not sacrifice the time to do it or you will end up doing it half-heartedly.
    Long live planned freedom!


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