Si como madres buscamos la libertad o mejor dicho nuestra realizacion, entendemos que tambien es importante para nosotr@s brindar a nuestros hij@s la posibilidad de encontrar la suya.
¿Que podemos hacer como madres para ayudarles en esta busqueda?¿Que comportamientos nos pueden ayudar a que eligan ell@s por si mism@s? ¿Como dejar de lado nuestras proprias experiencias y dejarles ser ell@s?

If as mothers we are seeking our freedom or better said, our fulfillment, we believe it is also important for us to enable our children to find their own way of being.
What can we do as mothers to help them in this quest? Which behaviors can help us to support them in their decision? How can we leave aside our own experiences and let them be who they really are?

2 respuestas a TheFreeKid

  1. Keri dijo:

    Undoubtedly the biggest challenge of all: freedom and happiness for our children. Every step we take, every word we pronounce, every action they observe will shape and influence them. Surely our priority in parenting should always be the search for their happiness. That is not to say our lives should be turned over to our children and that once you become a parent you no longer count as an individual. On the contrary. Our happiness will also become their happiness. But achieving a balanced and, ultimatley, happy life for our children must be the greatest satisfaction of all. I pray that I will manage it.

    • iauroux dijo:

      Hi Keri,
      So well summed up! I truly believe as you do that it first come though our own happiness…How tough must it be for kids to feel that our happiness only depends of theirs? Big hug. I


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